ZEZELing is the new way of innovating

What do you get if you crossbreed a zebra with a donkey? In English you would say a zedonk or a zonkey, but in Dutch we call it a ZEZEL. Not quite possible, says science, however it does happen in nature. If there’s one thing we can learn from the existence of zonkeys, it is that nothing is impossible. The ZEZEL symbolises a daring to think out-of-the-box, the belief that you can realise your dreams, the conviction that an innovative path for your company can be realised; absolutely!

ZEZELing is thinking, acting and dreaming in a different way.

ZEZELing starts from the good intention, from the heart. It is the ultimate expression of love for our planet and its people. Although it may sound fluffy, it’s all about real passions, about positive thinking, about “we-thinking” too and about making concrete contributions to a more beautiful and sustainable world.

Based on Sara Pieters professional experience in different sectors -ranging from the chemical sector to insurances, from software development to social housing- and her volunteer work as ambassador of the World Cleanup Day in her hometown, she is convinced that this attitude and this way of innovating are sustainable and successful.

So let’s start to ZEZEL!

Sara Pieters, Innovation expert, Red Zezel

On April 12th Sustainable Innovation will take place at Conference Center High Tech Campus Eindhoven. Sustainable Innovation Day is the annual conference in Brainport Region South-East Netherlands with (inter) national allure. Organized by & for management, (line) management, professionals and advisors in the field of Sustainability, HR, IT and Innovation within the (high tech) Industry.

Organizing physical meetings and conferences is possible again! No coronavirus entry pass is required upon entry. Click here to read more about our protocol. 

The registration fee is €395,- excl. VAT. As a HTCE tenant you will only pas €295,- excl. VAT. Click here for more information and registration.