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A conference specifically about sustainable development and challenges within the (High Tech) industry
The (High Tech) industry is at the start of a transition to more sustainable business operations. Dutch, European and global climate policy represents a fundamental change for the industry. Towards 2050 industrial production must become climate neutral. On top of that, we are all working together to get through this challenging crisis-time.  We are facing many challenges that we have to overcome to get back on track. However, will we focus on returning to business as usual, or will we use this time to make the switch to (more) sustainable business operations? The urgency of the climate problem and especially the realization of concrete solutions has long been widely recognized within the (High Tech) industry. The (High Tech) industry is at the forefront of innovation and has the power to shape our sustainable future, but also has to take its responsibility in reaching broader sustainability goals such as circularity, human rights, equality and good health. In short: the urgency to work on sustainability within the (High Tech) industry is greater than ever.

Working on sustainability within your (High Tech) organization means working on:

  • Sustainable HR > Sustainable Workforce
  • Sustainable Environment/ Climate
  • Sustainable Tech/ Innovation

Call for papers – submit your idea before June 1st 2021

Do you have an inspirational sustainable practical case and are you working in the (high tech) industry? We are looking for interesting, educational and enjoyable practical cases that match with the theme, focused on the transition to more sustainable business operations within the (high tech) industry. Do you have a suggestion for an interesting practical case, practical tips, themes or clear vision? Or are there experiences outside of the industry but match the theme? Check our requirements and submit your suggestion before the 1st of June 2021.

Sustainable Innovation Day will take place on Tuesday, September 28th  2021 in Conference Center High Tech Campus Eindhoven. In the heart of the industry; the most important industrial region of the Netherlands.