Program 2022

08.30 Registration on the exhibition

09.15 Welcome

Marc Vermeulen
09.20 Opening by Chairman Marc Vermeulen
Marc Vermeulen

Professor in Sociology, TIAS School for Business and Society | Tilburg University

Sara Pieters
09.35 Keynote - ZEZELing is the new way of innovating

What do you get if you crossbreed a zebra with a donkey? In English you would say a zedonk or a zonkey, but in Dutch we call it a ZEZEL. Not quite possible, says science, however it does happen in nature. If there’s one thing we can learn from the existence of zonkeys, it is that nothing is impossible. The ZEZEL symbolises a daring to think out-of-the-box, the belief that you can realise your dreams, the conviction that an innovative path for your company can be realised; absolutely!


ZEZELing is thinking, acting and dreaming in a different way.


ZEZELing starts from the good intention, from the heart. It is the ultimate expression of love for our planet and its people. Although it may sound fluffy, it’s all about real passions, about positive thinking, about “we-thinking” too and about making concrete contributions to a more beautiful and sustainable world.


Based on my own professional experience in different sectors -ranging from the chemical sector to insurances, from software development to social housing- and my volunteer work as ambassador of the World Cleanup Day in my hometown, I am convinced that this attitude and this way of innovating are sustainable and successful.


So let’s start to ZEZEL!

Sara Pieters

Innovation expert, Red Zezel

10.20 Break and visit exhibition

11.00 Parallel program round 1

René Groot Bruinderink Britta Wyss Bisang Mark Groot Wassink
A1 - Innovations within the climate journey FULL

South Pole’s head of Climate Solutions Netherlands René Groot Bruinderink hosts an interactive panel together with sustainability experts from Schoeller Allibert and Koninklijke Auping about innovations within the climate journey and inspiring sustainability highlights.

René Groot Bruinderink

Head of Climate Solutions, South Pole Nederland

Britta Wyss Bisang

Global Sustainability Director, Schoeller Allibert

Mark Groot Wassink

Director Sustainability & Innovation, Royal Auping

Presented by South Pole

Katja Wouters
B1 - Sustainable employability at DAF trucks

Rapid technological developments, increasing market pressure and digitalization creates worldwide a fast changing work environment. We are also facing an ageing workforce and other modern world developments like stress and other unhealthy habits. This has resulted in an increased need to promote employees’ sustainable employability. Therefore DAF trucks invests in the work ability of their employees to remain productive, competent, healthy and motivated. Katja Wouters is program manager Sustainable Employability at DAF Trucks and is responsible for projects and solutions in the field of employability, job mobility and vitality. In this session she will give an introduction on the approach of the ‘Fit for the future’ program and will give an overview of different initiatives at DAF. Learn from her experience and start investing in the employability of your employees!

Katja Wouters

Program manager Sustainable Employability, DAF Trucks NV

Joost Jetten
C1 - Better than being there: how video technology has triggered sustainable change

Of course there are times when you want or need to meet in person for work, but if the recent past has taught us anything, it’s that we can often do without them. Even if there is no need for remote cooperation, the benefits are obvious: it prevents unnecessary CO2 emissions and it helps companies to operate more sustainably. However, the technology must offer a real alternative to physical presence.

Joost Jetten is Head of Enterprise at Logitech Benelux and knows better than anyone how a technology company has to adapt to current conditions. Logitech is committed to developing video technology that makes a remote meeting a better experience than being physically present. When communication is optimal, people and companies can accomplish positive change both within their own organization and in the rest of the world.

Do you want to know how? Register for our session and have a chance to win great prizes for your workplace!

Joost Jetten

Head of Enterprise, Logitech Benelux

Presented by Logitech

11.40 Change rooms

11.45 Parallel program round 2

Maike Akkers Douwe van der Stroom Bart van der Velpen
A2 - Making the transition to a carbon neutral Port of Rotterdam

The Port of Rotterdam is thinking big. As Europe’s largest port, it wants to continue to provide a thriving environment where shipping runs smoothly and safely and businesses flourish. At the same time, it wants to minimise impact on climate and nature – creating a cleaner and greener port which contributes to a healthy living environment for everyone. This journey to a smart carbon-neutral port of the future calls for radical innovation and new technologies. It involves a new energy system which will be based on green power and hydrogen in combination with a material transition based on circular economy principles. Discover how these big ideas are being converted into reality. In this session Maike Akkers and Douwe van der Stroom, who manage infrastructure and digitalisation respectively for the energy transition at the Port of Rotterdam, join with Bart Vander Velpen, who leads the net zero industry programme at Royal HaskoningDHV. They will describe how the port is achieving its ambitions, with particular reference to the energy transition, resource transition and innovation.

Maike Akkers

Program Manager Energy Transition – Infrastructure, Port of Rotterdam

Douwe van der Stroom

Program Manager Energy Transition – Digitalisation, Port of Rotterdam

Bart van der Velpen

Program Director Net Zero Industry, Royal HaskoningDHV

Presented by Royal HaskoningDHV

Sankalp Sharma Evangelia Demerouti Clara Otero Perez
B2 - Diversity, equity and inclusion in a technology driven environment

During this session Sankalp Sharma, Head of Talent Management, Leadership and DEI at Signify and

Evangelia Demerouti, Professor and Chief Diversity Officer at Eindhoven University of Technology discuss the importance of diversity and inclusion in a technology driven environment. They will share their approaches, findings, ambitions and achievements about diversity, equity and inclusion.


Sankalp Sharma

Head of Talent Management, Leadership and DEI, Signify

Evangelia Demerouti

Professor and Chief Diversity Officer, Eindhoven University of Technology

Clara Otero Perez

Senior Director of System Innovations, NXP Semiconductors

Tim Spee
C2 - Iron fuel for decarbonization of the heat intensive industry

The future energy mix will change completely when the worldwide use of fossil fuels is replaced by renewable energy sources such as, sun, wind, and geothermal energy. Globally there is plenty of renewable energy available. Locally, however, there is a significant mismatch between supply and demand of renewable energy. An energy storage and transportation medium is required to overcome geographical and temporal (diurnal, monthly or seasonal) variations associated to renewable energy production.

Iron fuel is a clean renewable energy carrier concept that is based on circular combustion and regeneration of iron powder. In this session we will introduce the technology and its ecosystem. We will explain what potential iron fuel has, where it will be applied and what the next steps are.


Tim Spee

Project leader, Metalot

12.25 Lunch break and visit exhibition

Marc Vermeulen
13.25 Opening afternoon program by Chairman Marc Vermeulen
Marc Vermeulen

Professor in Sociology, TIAS School for Business and Society | Tilburg University

Maria van der Heijden Pieter-Jan De Man Michel Scholte Marc Vermeulen
13.35 Plenary dialogue with leaders of the transition

Led by chairman Marc Vermeulen we’ll have a dialogue with, among others, Maria van der Heijden (Manager Director of MVO Nederland), Michel Scholte (Minister of the New Economy, Director Impact Institute & True Price) and Pieter-Jan De Man (Director of STAS BV) on: which transition in necessary for more sustainable business operations within the industry sector? What challenges will we face, and how can we overcome them? How can we grow towards a more a sustainable future?

Maria van der Heijden

Manager Director, MVO Nederland

Pieter-Jan De Man

Director, STAS BV

Michel Scholte

Minister of the New Economy, Director Impact Institute & True Price

Marc Vermeulen

Professor in Sociology, TIAS School for Business and Society | Tilburg University

14.20 Change rooms

14.25 Parallel program round 3

Mirjam van Laarhoven
A3 - How you can make impact with your company FULL

During this session you’ll learn how my companion and I help companies to transform their selves to making more impact. You’ll learn about the steps to take to go from a little or no focus on sustainability to a clear sustainability strategy and how to include colleagues in the implementation. These steps will be backed up with examples from SMEs previously working with our method. During the interactive session you will have the chance to discuss with a couple of other participants what options there are for you and your organization. You will walk out of the session with a clear view on how to get a structured sustainability strategy and a clear idea of how you can contribute to sustainability in your professional role.

Mirjam van Laarhoven

Speaker, facilitator and sustainability advisor

Cristina Tanase
B3 - Bringing the benefits of natural light indoors, NatureConnect by Signify

In the last two years health and wellbeing have been central and reminded us that, in any building, nothing is as important as its users. There is now an opportunity to ensure workplaces welcome users back into healthy environments where they feel and perform at their best. Signify is committed to demonstrate the major role lighting has on our wellbeing and quality of life and is pleased to showcase market ready solutions like NatureConnect, that both inspire innovations and can create better lighting for people worldwide. NatureConnect by Signify brings the benefits of natural light back into our daily lives, at the spaces where we spend most of our time. Built on Biophilic Design principles combined with application knowledge, and innovative LED and connected technologies, NatureConnect creates rich and meaningful lighting solutions for comfortable, engaging and attractive indoor environments that support wellbeing.

Cristina Tanase

General manager, NatureConnect by Signify

Helena Samodurova Rudie Verweij
C3 - Efficient Computing and how to achieve it

The current global data traffic has soared to unprecedented heights. This has further motivated the growth of the High-Performance Computing Market (HPC) which is driven by the advances in the AI sector. In the meantime, Europe has set new policies in the fight against climate change, with data centreoperators and associations making a pledge to make the industry carbon neutral by 2030. The industry is facing an unforeseen sustainability challenge and therefore is driven to look for novel solutions to achieve these goals.

But what can you do as an individual or as a company to contribute to this goal? We aim to explain how the world of computers work and where do the major bottlenecks occur and how you can solve them – whether on a company level or in your own personal computer room.

Helena Samodurova

CCO and Co-founder, Incooling

Rudie Verweij

CEO and Co-founder, Incooling

15.05 Break and visit exhibition

Firas Abdulhasain Aniek Moonen
15.30 Plenary dialogue with young leaders of the future

Get inspired by the vision of the young leaders of the future on the transition to more sustainable business operations within the industry sector and the importance of sustainable thinking and ways of working. With, among others, Firas Abdulhasain (Board member of SDG Young Leaders Network) and Aniek Moonen (Chair of Jonge Klimaatbeweging).

Firas Abdulhasain

Board member, SDG Young Leaders Network

Aniek Moonen

Chair, Jonge Klimaatbeweging

Ruud Veltenaar
16.15 Keynote - Once Upon a Future - transition to Net Positive

What is the secret of courageous people and companies that flourish by giving more than taking? And how do we become a Net Positive company and society? Ruud believes that companies of the future will prosper by solving the world’s problems, not by creating them. Can you think of something greater than making money by creating a better world? It’s about a transformation from doing well and making money to doing good and creating value, socially, ecologically and financially. Profit as the natural result of the profound purpose. The world’s smartest leaders are already taking their companies and all stakeholders on the Net Positive expedition. Will you join, or stay behind? Remain, retreat or rethink and reset.

Ruud Veltenaar

Future thinker, Global speaker, Philosopher and writer

Marc Vermeulen
16.55 Closing program by Chairman Marc Vermeulen
Marc Vermeulen

Professor in Sociology, TIAS School for Business and Society | Tilburg University

17.10 Network drink at the exhibition