Once Upon a Future - transition to Net Positive

What is the secret of courageous people and companies that flourish by giving more than taking? And how do we become a Net Positive company and society? Ruud believes that companies of the future will prosper by solving the world’s problems, not by creating them. Can you think of something greater than making money by creating a better world? It’s about a transformation from doing well and making money to doing good and creating value, socially, ecologically and financially. Profit as the natural result of the profound purpose. The world’s smartest leaders are already taking their companies and all stakeholders on the Net Positive expedition. Will you join, or stay behind? Remain, retreat or rethink and reset.

Ruud Veltenaar, Future thinker, Global Speaker, Philosopher and writer

On April 12th Sustainable Innovation will take place at Conference Center High Tech Campus Eindhoven. Sustainable Innovation Day is the annual conference in Brainport Region South-East Netherlands with (inter) national allure. Organized by & for management, (line) management, professionals and advisors in the field of Sustainability, HR, IT and Innovation within the (high tech) Industry.

The registration fee is €395,- excl. VAT. Click here for more information and registration.