Introducing Logitech as Partner of Sustainable Innovation Day

We are proud to introduce Logitech as Partner of Sustainable Innovation Day 2022.

Logitech will host a session during Sustainable Innovation Day and will be present with a booth on the exposition.

As a multi-award winning design company, we promise to create great customer experiences for generations to come in a way that is sustainable for the environment and society. To become climate positive, we need to make drastic changes, and fast. Check out the actions we’ve already taken and our goals for the future. We plan for years to come, not decades, because our planet cannot wait. READ MORE

During Sustainable Innovation Day we will discuss which Sustainable HR/ Environment and Tech practices and trends have proven themselves in the past period and the Next Steps of sustainability within (High Tech) organizations. Visions and practical experience are shared with the purpose of visualizing the current transition in the (High Tech) industry to more sustainable business operations. It’s time to connect, innovate and look to the future! Register here!