HTCE - How to create the most sustainable Campus in Europe

Sustainable Innovation Day will take place at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven on Tuesday the 12th of April 2022.

The perfect combination of technology, innovation and environment comes together in one place: High Tech Campus Eindhoven. At HTCE, sustainability is baked into the way we do business every day, from using herds of sheep to mow grass to building and maintaining buildings with low environmental impact to promoting lifecycle circularity in the goods we use.

High Tech Campus Eindhoven is on a mission to become the most sustainable campus in Europe by 2025. To achieve this, you need more than just green initiatives. It’s also about diversity, vitality and innovation. In the three-part documentary series ‘Sustainable Campus’ you will see what the Campus is doing to achieve these sustainability goals. Meet the innovators, engineers and entrepreneurs who make this ambition a reality. READ MORE

With four years to go, we’ve already incorporated innovations you won’t easily find on other campuses. Becoming the most sustainable campus in Europe isn’t just an idea. It’s a comprehensive plan that guides our efforts every day, and dozens of initiatives are already in place.

We divided our plan into three strategic pillars:

  • High Tech Campus is environmentally friendly.
  • High Tech Campus is a great place to work.
  • High Tech Campus is accelerating innovation.

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Episode 1 – A green Campus

Episode 2 – A diverse and vital Campus

Episode 3 – An innovative Campus


Register here for Sustainable Innovation Day! As a HTCE tenant you will only pay €295,- excl. VAT!