Full program Sustainable Innovation Day

On Tuesday April 12th, 2022 Sustainable Innovation Day will take place at Conference Center High Tech Campus Eindhoven. During Sustainable Innovation Day we will discuss which Sustainable HR/ Environment and Tech practices and trends have proven themselves in the past period and the Next Steps of sustainability within (high tech) organizations. Visions and practical experience are shared with the purpose of visualizing the current transition in the (high tech) industry to more sustainable business operations. It’s time to connect, innovate and look to the future! The full program is launched! View the full program here.

Keynote speakers

  • Chairman
    Marc Vermeulen, Professor in Sociology, TIAS School for Business and Society | Tilburg University
  • ZEZELing is the new way of innovating
    Sara Pieters, Innovation expert, Red Zezel
  • Once Upon a Future – transition to Net Positive
    Ruud Veltenaar, Future thinker, Global Speaker, Philosopher and writer

Plenary dialogues

  • Plenary dialogue with leaders of the transition
    Maria van der Heijden, Manager Director, MVO Nederland
    Pieter-Jan De Man, Director, STAS BV
    Michel Scholte, Minister of the New Economy, Director Impact Institute & True Price
  • Plenary dialogue with young leaders of the future
    Firas Abdulhasain, Board member, SDG Young Leaders Network
    Aniek Moonen, Chair, Jonge Klimaatbeweging

Sustainable Innovation and Tech 

  • Better than being there: how video technology has triggered sustainable change
    Joost Jetten, Head of Enterprise, Logitech Benelux
  • Iron fuel for decarbonization of the heat intensive industry
    Tim Spee, Project leader, Metalot
  • Efficient Computing and how to achieve it
    Helena Samodurova, CCO and Co-founder, Incooling
    Rudie Verweij, CEO and Co-founder, Incooling

Sustainable Environment and Climate

  • Innovations within the climate journey
    René Groot Bruinderink,  Head of Climate Solutions, South Pole Nederland 
  • Making the transition to a carbon neutral Port of Rotterdam
    Maike Akkers, Program Manager Energy Transition – Infrastructure, Port of Rotterdam
    Douwe van der Stroom, Program Manager Energy Transition – Digitalisation, Port of Rotterdam
    Bart van der Velpen, Program Director  Net Zero Industry, Royal HaskoningDHV
  • How you can make impact with your company
    Mirjam van Laarhoven, Speaker, facilitator and sustainability advisor

Sustainable HR and Workforce

  • Sustainable employability at DAF trucks
    Katja Wouters, Program manager Sustainable Employability, DAF Trucks NV
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion in a technology driven environment
    Sankalp Sharma, Head of Talent Management, Leadership and DEI, Signify
    Evangelia Demerouti, Professor and Chief Diversity Officer, Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Bringing the benefits of natural light indoors, NatureConnect by Signify
    Cristina Tanase, General manager, NatureConnect by Signify