Efficient Computing and how to achieve it

The current global data traffic has soared to unprecedented heights. This has further motivated the growth of the High-Performance Computing Market (HPC) which is driven by the advances in the AI sector. In the meantime, Europe has set new policies in the fight against climate change, with data centreoperators and associations making a pledge to make the industry carbon neutral by 2030. The industry is facing an unforeseen sustainability challenge and therefore is driven to look for novel solutions to achieve these goals.

But what can you do as an individual or as a company to contribute to this goal? We aim to explain how the world of computers work and where do the major bottlenecks occur and how you can solve them – whether on a company level or in your own personal computer room.

Helena Samodurova, CCO and Co-founder, Incooling
Rudie Verweij, CEO and Co-founder, Incooling

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