Call for Cases

Innovations for impact! – Impact for innovations!

Our world faces many challenges caused by demographic change, urbanization, climate change and resource scarcity. With the Green Deal, Europe shows that it wants to tackle the climate and energy crisis together at an accelerated pace. Also the sense of urgency of organizations itself to become more sustainable and create impact drive the industrial transformation.

Technological innovations are the pieces of the puzzle that are needed to transform the industrial sector and have an impact on major societal challenges. But how do we get to the next step? How do we ensure that new and existing technological innovations really make an impact? One thing is certain: collaboration is crucial. Innovation takes place in ecosystems: clusters of organizations, knowledge institutes and government that work together to develop knowledge and develop innovations that make an impact. The key is: less abundance through parallel and competitive developments & research and gaining competitive advantage by eco-system thinking. And finding new impact-areas for existing innovations and technology as well as developing new innovations and technology  that make an impact.

During Sustainable Innovation Day we will be sharing visions and best practices on:

  • Technology and innovation for impact
  • Innovation eco-systems – Regulations – Impact investments
  • Human Factor – War for Talent – Sustainable Employability – Inspirational Leadership

Submit your idea
Do you have an inspirational sustainable practical case and are you working in the (high tech) industry? We are looking for interesting, educational and enjoyable practical cases that match with the theme. Do you have a suggestion for an interesting practical case, practical tips, themes or clean vision? Or are there experiences outside of the industry but match the theme? Check our requirements and submit your suggestion before December 15th, 2022.

All proposals will be assessed on content and coherence with the theme. We will let you know if your proposal has been approved. We assume that you will be available all day on Tuesday the 4th of April 2023. The parallel practical cases will last 35-40 minutes. 


  • ONLY submissions that are submitted with the form are looked at.
  • The subject of the presentation fits the theme and has an added value for the participants.
  • Submissions with a commercial purpose can’t be taken into consideration. You can get more information about this on the ‘participants page’, participating with an exhibit or reading (practical case/workshop) are part of the possibilities.

Call for Cases