Bringing the benefits of natural light indoors, NatureConnect by Signify

In the last two years health and wellbeing have been central and reminded us that, in any building, nothing is as important as its users. There is now an opportunity to ensure workplaces welcome users back into healthy environments where they feel and perform at their best. Signify is committed to demonstrate the major role lighting has on our wellbeing and quality of life and is pleased to showcase market ready solutions like NatureConnect, that both inspire innovations and can create better lighting for people worldwide. NatureConnect by Signify brings the benefits of natural light back into our daily lives, at the spaces where we spend most of our time. Built on Biophilic Design principles combined with application knowledge, and innovative LED and connected technologies, NatureConnect creates rich and meaningful lighting solutions for comfortable, engaging and attractive indoor environments that support wellbeing.

Cristina Tanase, General manager, NatureConnect by Signify

On April 12th Sustainable Innovation will take place at Conference Center High Tech Campus Eindhoven. Sustainable Innovation Day is the annual conference in Brainport Region South-East Netherlands with (inter) national allure. Organized by & for management, (line) management, professionals and advisors in the field of Sustainability, HR, IT and Innovation within the (high tech) Industry.

Organizing physical meetings and conferences is possible again! No coronavirus entry pass is required upon entry. Click here to read more about our protocol. 

The registration fee is €395,- excl. VAT. As a HTCE tenant you will only pay €295,- excl. VAT. Click here for more information and registration.