Advisory Board Member - Marc Vermeulen

On Tuesday April 12th 2022, Sustainable Innovation Day will take place at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven. Sustainable Innovation Day is the annual conference in Brainport Region South-East Netherlands with (inter) national allure. Organized by & for management, (line) management, professionals and advisors in the field of Sustainability, HR, IT and Innovation within the (High Tech) Industry.

Marc Vermeulen, Professor in Sociology, TIAS School for Business and Society | Tilburg University, is a member of the Advisory Board of Sustainable Innovation Day.

Marc says: ‘No technical innovation without social innovation! It is a fascinating interplay where human talent interacts with technical opportunities in shaping an sustainable, inclusive and exiting new world’.

During Sustainable Innovation Day we will discuss which Sustainable HR/ Environment and Tech practices and trends have proven themselves in the past period and the Next Steps of sustainability within (High Tech) organizations. Visions and practical experience are shared with the purpose of visualizing the current transition in the (High Tech) industry to more sustainable business operations. It’s time to connect, innovate and look to the future!

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