Marc Vermeulen
Sara Pieters
Maria van der Heijden
Pieter-Jan De Man
Michel Scholte
Firas Abdulhasain
Aniek Moonen
Ruud Veltenaar

About Sustainable Innovation Day

Theme 2022

Transitioning to a purpose-driven organization
Sustainable thinking and ways of working embedded in your DNA

The (high tech) industry is at the start of a comprehensive transition to more sustainable business operations. Dutch, European and global climate policy represents a fundamental change for the industry. The Dutch (high tech) industry is at the forefront of innovation and has the opportunity to develop itself to become the place for (European) sustainable companies to do business. We have all the necessities available: from a highly educated technical workforce to an excellent location for trading and transporting industrial raw materials and goods.

The question is not whether you are going to start making your operations more sustainable. The question is; where do you start? In dialogue on: which transition is necessary for more sustainable business operations within the high tech industry? What challenges will we face, and how can we overcome them? How can we grow towards a sustainable future? Sustainability as an integral part of your organization is a must in becoming purpose-driven.

Sustainable HR/ Workforce
We find ourself in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is poised to transform work at an unprecedented pace. How can the industry prepare for this future workplace and ready its workforce? What are the skills that will become must-haves in the future workspace? What are the pathways for training and education to enable these skills? HR has a significant role in developing strategy on sustainable employability and promoting and encouraging sustainable behavior across the organization.

  • Future of work
  • Great place to work
  • Sustainable employability
  • Inspirational leadership

 Sustainable Tech/ Innovation
The (high tech) industry is at the forefront of innovation. Sustainable tech and innovation is key in transitioning to more sustainable business operations and reaching broader sustainability goals such as circularity, human rights, equality and good health.

  • Innovative/ Ecosystem thinking as the skill of the future
  • Tech for good
  • Innovation through nature intelligence
  • Start-ups

Sustainable Environment/ Climate

  • From a no waste to a regenerative economy
  • Natural capital and biodiversity
  • Energy transition

During Sustainable Innovation Day we will be sharing knowledge, interaction and inspiration through keynote presentations, practical cases and workshops.

Advisory Board

Advisory Board

  • Maurice Loosschilder, Global Head of Sustainability, Signify
    “We should not only accelerate the transition to renewable energy, but also focus on increasing energy efficiency. The most sustainable energy is the energy you don’t use.”
  • Harrie Arends, Manager Operations, HTCE Site Management
    “Sustainability and Innovation are an integral part of our way of working on High Tech Campus Eindhoven. We have build and Ecosystem based on these pillars to create an “ great place to work “ for all our tenants and are proud to show this with real examples on our Campus.”
  • Erwin Kerkhof, Sustainability Advisory, TuE
    “The high tech industry has the power to shape our sustainable future, but also has to take its responsibility in reaching broader sustainability goals like circularity, human rights, equality and good health.”
  • Nick de Ruiter, Partner, Sustainalize
    “If we want to reach our local, European and global goals in sustainability we need the best brains out there help in the so much needed innovations to make this happen.”
  • Marc Vermeulen, Professor in Sociology, TIAS School for Business and Society
    “No technical innovation without social innovation! It is a fascinating interplay where human talent interacts with technical opportunities in shaping an sustainable, inclusive and exiting new world.”
  • Geanne van Arkel, Former Head of Sustainable Development at Interface and MVO Manager of the year 2018
    “Regenerative sustainable development is crucial for a a future resilient industry, it is not only offering answers to today’s challenges but is enabling industry to create tomorrow’s opportunities. Learning from nature is sparking innovation in product, process and business model development, while finding new ways and unexpected partners for collaboration in order to shaping the future.”
  • Harald Tepper, Senior Director Sustainable Development, Philips
    “Doing business responsibly and sustainably is an imperative, now more than ever. We need everyone to participate and put their brightest ideas together.”
  • Maaike Thijssen, Company owner, De Vitaliteitsmanager – consultancy agency for sustainable employability and organizational vitality, Member Advisory Board, Nationaal Platform Duurzame Inzetbaarheid (NPDI)
    “Addressing employees health and wellbeing in company policies, maximizes the sustainable employability of the workforce and contributes to growing towards a vital organization.”
  • Maria van der Heijden, Manager Director, MVO Nederland
    “To achieve the New Economy, which is climate-neutral, circular, inclusive and has fair (trade) chains- we like to team up with as many entrepreneurs as possible to create a movement. Why? Because in order to get as quickly as possible at the New Economy, we have to step up our efforts and make this movement as wide-ranging as possible.”
  • Clara Otero Perez, Senior Director of System Innovations and Site Manager, NXP Semiconductors

Program 2022



10.20 Break and visit exhibition

11.40 Change rooms

12.25 Lunch break and visit exhibition

Plenary dialogue with leaders of the transition - Maria van der Heijden - Pieter-Jan De Man - Michel Scholte - Marc Vermeulen

14.20 Change rooms

15.05 Break and visit exhibition

Plenary dialogue with young leaders of the future - Firas Abdulhasain - Aniek Moonen

17.10 Network drink at the exhibition


Overview impressions

6 reasons to attend Sustainable Innovation Day


Get inspired by passionate visionaries to give direction to the complex challenges for the (High Tech) industry.


Visions and practical experiences are shared. By & for Sustainability, HR, IT and Innovation.


Sharing innovative strategies, ideas, goals, approaches and insights with an eye for reflection and collaboration.


Insight into the current transition of the (High Tech) industry towards more sustainable business operations.


Connect and network with colleagues during the practical cases, workshops and breaks. It’s time to connect, innovate and look to the future!


Visions and practical experience are shared with the purpose to accelerate, innovate and learn together.



Initiative and Organization




Practical information

Target group

Sustainable Innovation Day is the annual conference in Brainport Region South-East Netherlands with (inter) national allure. Organized by & for management, (line) management, professionals and advisors in the field of Sustainability, HR, IT and Innovation within the (High Tech) Industry.

Costs and conditions

Costs and conditions

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Date and Location

Tuesday April 4 2023

Conference Center High Tech Campus
High Tech Campus 1-E, The Strip
5656 AE Eindhoven


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